Bizning yangi veb saytimiz

Information about vacancies in the khokimiyat of the Tashkent region

After analyzing CVs represented by candidates, based on requirement, they will be invited to the interview by regional government. Interviews are held by management members and HR manager for vacancy. After approving candidate by those managers, candidates are interviewed by Hokim of Tashkent region 

After successful results of interviews, there will be agreement with Hokimiyat and Candidate. During this process Hokim of Tashkent region orders to accept candidate for this position. There might be permanent agreement for 1 or 3 months in order to check this candidate for this position. 
Accepted candidates will be satisfied by Hokimiyat and make comfortable working condition by Hokimiyat and HR department. Social protection are regulated by the decrees and Laws of Uzbekistan 

For additional informationplease contact to The Hokimiyat of Tashkent region department of organizational inspection

Tel: 71-232-80-18, 71-232-80-19