Presidential candidate Sarvar Otamuratov cast his vote in the elections

The candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the “Milliy tiklanish” democratic party of Uzbekistan Sarvar Otamuratov cast his vote at the 585th polling station in Tashkent on 4 December.

The effectiveness of the reforms, carried out in the years of independence, is demonstrated, first of all, in full realization of human rights and interests. Under the leadership of First President of our country Islam Karimov, noble tasks in improving national self-identity, building a strong state, achieving colossal successes in ensuring the peace, tranquillity, stability, creative and prosperous life of people, have been implemented. The presidential elections have a decisive significance for further sustainable continuation of this work.

The Constitution of our country defines the right of citizens to elect and be elected to the representative bodies of state governance. The elections are an integral part of the democratic legal state and a main form of participation of citizens in state and public affairs. The election system, established in our country, ensures full realization by citizens their significant political rights.

The national legislation includes a principle that the people are the only source of state power. The people of Uzbekistan consists of the citizens of Uzbekistan irrespective of their ethnicity. This is corroborated by these current presidential elections as well.

The elections are taking place in accordance with international legal norms, principles of transparency, equality and multi-party system. The legislative norms on free and personal participation of citizens in the elections and their expression of their will through secret ballot plays an important role in this.