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Grotto Obirahmat - rock grotto living place of ancient man, one of the oldest man in the Uzbekistan.

Located in the valley of the creek Paltau at the spring. The approximate age of the place - 70 thousand years.

This place is closed from the wind, a spring with a waterfall falls from the neighboring rocks, around trees and silence. One can understand the ancient people once housed here. Sam grotto - a depression in the limestone cliff, quite a lot, place the deepest excavations enclosed by fence unpretentious their branches are likely to inadvertently not fall to the bottom of the ten-hole. In the grotto of traces conducted excavations, archaeologists mark everywhere visible.

Parking was discovered in 1962 by the Archaeological Institute of the detachment of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the leadership of Yahyo Gulyamova, when examining the future of the territory of Charvak reservoir flooding. Guliamov called the grotto "Obirahmat" ( "Sacred Spring") for the title in the nearby spring. The cave excavations specialists of Uzbekistan, and Russia were launched. A famous archaeologist and anthropologist MM Gerasimov also attended .

In summer 2003, during excavations in Obirahmat it happened a rare and happy event for archeology - remains have been found of ancient man aged not less than 50 thousand years. This is the second (after the famous burial of a Neanderthal child, discovered by Academician AP Okladnikov in 1938 in a cave Teshik-Tash) complete not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the whole Central Asian anthropological finding of the Old Stone Age.