ACTUAL NEWS30-12-2021

The achievements of the athletes of AMMC are worthily recognized

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine completes 2021 with a number of achievements not only in production, but also in sports. In particular, in football, AGMK team took 3rd place in the super league, and AGMK U21 team took 1st place. In addition, AGMK men's volleyball team took the honorable...


New "cable car" launched in Bustanlyk district

A new cable car "Amirsoy Express" has been officially launched at Amirsoy ski resort in Tashkent region.

Holiday gifts were presented to low-income families in Bekabad

In the mayor-office of  Bekabad city, the mayor-office of Tashkent region and" Nurli Kelajak" LLC distributed New Year's gifts to 80 low-income...

Zoyir Mirzaev: Today, the governor should be a doctor in the morning, a teacher in the afternoon, an entrepreneur in the evening, and a cleaner or a traveler at night if necessary.

The governor of the region stated about this at the press conference for media representatives and bloggers after the meeting of Tashkent Regional...