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ACTUAL NEWS07-12-2021

Have you heard about the mahalla that the president visits twice a year?

New clean place never leaves the blessing. This can be seen on the example of our mahalla. Perhaps earlier the head of state visited the same mahalla twice a year, but I have never heard of such a case before. However, this year he visited our mahalla twice. As a result, our mahalla, in accordance...


Statistics in numbers: the interests of young people are always in the spotlight

Currently, out of 38,855 young people included in the "Youth Notebook" of Tashkent region, 36,097 (93%) are excluded from it

A solid foundation for the implementation of promising projects

As previously reported, at the IV Business Council between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Nursultan, Tashkent region reached agreements with Kazakh...

Zoir Mirzayev is in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, as part of Uzbek delegation

Zoir Mirzayev takes part in the 4th meeting of the Uzbek-Kazakh Business Council in Nursultan