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The results of the rating of the sectors' activity have been summed up


The mayor's office of the Tashkent region critically analyzed the results of the first half of this year in achieving efficiency in the activities of the industries.

It was attended by officials of the regional administration, the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan, specialists of the regional department of the Civil Service Development Agency, heads of four sectors in the regions, representatives of relevant departments and organizations.


It is known that on the basis of the instructions given by the head of state during his visit to the regions, the Civil Service Development Agency, together with the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Tax Committee, introduced a certification system for all industry leaders in the country.

At the same time, tasks were set for the systematic implementation of activities and work in the headquarters of the sector of sector leaders on the basis of the “mahallabay” mechanism (by mahallas) in all regions of the country based on the “Namangan experience”.

To ensure the implementation of these tasks, the Civil Service Development Agency carried out systematic work, created an assessment (rating) system, consisting of 13 key indicators and constant monitoring to study the validity of the work carried out in makhallas and houses.

The first deputy director of the Agency, O. Khasanov, spoke at the meeting, who discussed the results of research and monitoring, as well as the results of assessing sector leaders for January-June of this year based on surveys, discussed the main aspects of the formation of rating indicators, considered proposals and comments on further improving the system.

According to polls, Tashkent region ranks 6th in the country with a score of 86.6%.
In particular:
2nd sector of the region took 6th place in the republic;
3-sector of the region took the 13th place in the republic;
1-sector of the region took the 14th place in the republic;
The 4th sector of the region took 26th place in the republic.

With the highest rates at the city and districts in the region:
Akkurgan district - 1st place;
Almalyk city - 2nd place;
Yukori-Chirchik region - 3rd place.

With the lowest rates by cities and regions:
Bostanlyk region - 20th place;
Bekabad region - 21st place;
Chirchik city - 22nd place.

It should be noted that this assessment system is based on 3 directions and consists of a set of 13 key indicators related to the level of knowledge of sector leaders and secretaries, the level of public satisfaction with the performance of sector leaders.