1. The required database for information disclosure?
Reception of citizens of the hokim of the Tashkent region
How is the Youth Day celebrated in Nurafshan?
Hokim of Tashkent region meets former front soldiers

Esonali Muydinov, 95 years old, sings the song for 9-may Victory day
Hokim of Tashkent region Gilomjon Ibragimov meet people in culture centre of Urtachirchik district
"Ilok" ethnic festival was held on the hills of Urgoz village of Ahangaran district

Chingan Challange extreme sports event has started in Bustanlik district
January 14 - Day of Defenders of the Motherland
Opening ceremony of "Family scientific practical centre" in Tashkent region

"Holiday of agriculture" is held by Hokimiyat of Tashkent region on December 9
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