1. The required database for information disclosure?
Normative-legal documents

List of compulsory publishing materials about activity of the Hokimiyat of Tashkent region

Normative-legal documents for legal rights of Hokimiyat

Decrees of Hokimiyat, including information about performance of decrees

Adding additional and editing versions of decrees by Hokimiyat, including legal inactive documents.

Information about projects of decrees by regional Hokimiyat.

State programs approved by regional Hokimiyat and information about performance of these programs.

Celebrations and Holidays held by regional Hokimyat (meetings, conferences, briefings, seminars, and others).

Information about Hokimiyat’s agreements with citizens, legal entities, foreign and international organizations.

Information about international agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan, performed by the Hokimiyat of Tashkent region.

Indicators of showing socio-economic development rates of region by quarter, half term and annual.

Information about auctions, tenders and open trade meetings.

Information about vacancies, requirements for job applicants and guidance for applicants.

Information about adjusting and advisory organizations, organized by regional Hokimiyat.

Information about meetings for actives, public deputies, regional Kengash (plans, time, venue).

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