1. The required database for information disclosure?
Normative-legal documents

List of materials for restricted use about activity of the Hokimiyat of Tashkent region

Information about workers of Hokimiyat

Information about illnesses and medical certificates
Job agreement and additional agreements.
Information about salaries
Pension books.
Information about material status and family information.
Information about army mobility.
Home document and financial documents.
Information abuout being abroad

Information about criminal history

Bank details and account details
Personal life

Biometric information

Information about architectural system of Hokimiyat

Information about security of Hokimiyat
Information about secret materials and their location

Technical information about security

Special and important programs and their location

Encrypted keys and information belong to their location
Information about reserve database of secret materials
Telecommunication programs
Commercials secret materials
Information about commercial agreements
Information and materials of Accounting department
Financial activities of Hokimiyat
Agreements with foreign residents

Technological information:

Management information ( configuration materials, security system …).
Authorization information (login and passwords).
Information about protecting management system.
Information about special management sytem in case emergencies.
Information and files within internal network.

General system and special management program.
Reserve copy of general and special systems
Utilities of ISPD resources management system.

Servers and electronic workplaces.
Network gadgets.
Protective programs for personal information.
Login interface gadgets
Gadgets for registering and calculating information
Network administrators
Encrypting gadgets

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