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Center of developing “E-government” system

Center of developing “E-government” system

According to the decree of the centre of developing “E-government” system, the main duties of it are below:

  • Providing and developing strategic paths in terms of improving and increasing quality of services based on analyzing and researching foreign countries experiences;
  • Organizing single technologic development of integration of information system, information resources and information datasets in different systems based on “E-government”, producing legal and methodological basis of the;
  • Making innovative ways of government services and developing, optimizing and improving them, making different offers in these spheres, redevelop the system of functional and operational operations of government organizations;
  • Organizing analytical tasks about different sectors of “E-government” system and making offers in order to develop their effectiveness;
  • Organizing marking system of calculating effectiveness of information systems of government organizations, monitoring them regularly, establishing information technology, marking their development pace and studying organizational plans for informational technology and information communications;
  • Determining indicators of “E-government” system, producing methodology of calculating main indicators of “E-government” system;

“E-government” consists of 7 departments, in its turn they have their own responsibilities in their internal groups.

Department of the strategic development of planning. This department responsible for learning foreign experience in this sector, making plans for successful development of system and making research for improving the system;

Department of developing operational and functional processes. This department in responsible for analyzing operational and functional processes making offers for government organizations in terms of these processes, making offers in terms of government services to citizens and legal entities, at the same time offering interactive state services and determining indicators of using these services;

Department of marking and analyzing the condition of information communication system. This department is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the condition of information communication system in regional governing bodies.

Department of developing “E-government” system. This department is responsible for developing “e-government” system and architecture of “E-government”.


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