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Receiving citizens at the Hokimyat

Receiving citizens and legal entities at Tashkent region Hokimiyat is organized based on the 35th paragraph of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and The decree of the Respublic of Uzbekistan No. URQ-445 on September 11, 2017 about “Appeals of citizens and legal enteties”.

Nowadays reception of citizens is organized based on approval of the accepting people table by personally Hokim (The Governor) and they are accepted deputies of Hokim, the manager of the related department and specialist in given specific times by the table. In order to stay in a queue, people need to register with General Department. Citizens need to bring their passport and filled application according to their request along with them. If they have already applied to the city and district Hokimyats, citizens need to submit copies of applications to city and district Hokimyats and their answers in addition of the documents mentioned above.

According to the 6th article of “The Law of Uzbekistan about reception of citizens”, applicants need to provide their personal details (first name, surname, date of birth), registration of their residency, application and their aim to making appeal to the Hokimyat in their applications.

In case application is lack of information mentioned above or contains false information, this kind of applications is considered as an anonym and will not be considered.

Address: Home 90, Toshkent yuli street, Nurafshon city, Tashkent region

Phone: 0 371 232-80-61, 232-80-63, 232-80-65